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Instant breasts form your feminine shape

Whether it is just for bedroom crossdressing fun or you are more of a serious transvestite, a bra needs filling and that's where breastforms come in. Sometimes called 'chicken fillets' they are flash coloured silicone gel pads that adhere to your chest.

Whether you want just a small enhancement or you feel brave enough to try out some serious bangers, these breast forms/enhancers feel very natural and will allow you to wear bras and basques with confidence. There are even a choice of nipples to fully complete your boobs!

Aphrodite Breast Forms

These breast forms are designed specifically for crossdressers but aren't the cheapest puppies but are probably the most realistic and longer lasting than other inserts. Self-adhesive with a perky nipple in many sizes!

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Silicone Breast Enhancers

Instant breast enhancement with these Hollywood Curves Magic Boob Job Silicone Breast Enhancers - Self-adhesive, easy to apply and very comfortable to wear. Available in sizes A/B, B/C and C/D

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Small Breast Forms

A pair of these breast forms will instantly make you feel more femine, ideal as a step up from cheap chicken fillets as they will feel more like breasts and the realistic nipple enhances the shaping.

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Silicone Enhancers

For these to work you really need to have 'something of your own' as these sit under your boob and with the help of a bra push up your natural flesh to create a higher breast and create a cleavage.

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Silicone Adhesive Tapes

These Double Sided V Tapes allow you to braless without the usual messy sprays and difficult removal. Hypo-allergenic, double sided medical adhesive tapes, hold breast forms and enhancers securely in place.

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Skin Tac Adhesive Wipes

These skin wipes help to ensure that your adhesive tape will stick properly keeping your breast forms in their proper place! They can be used for self-adhesive breast forms as well as taped ones.

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We suggest that you work out your bra back size first (if you don't already have a bra) and then see what is the most common cup size, then you can purchase the breastforms in that size.

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